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Geraldine Blanchot and Kristen Dettoni launched Pattern Pod, a design studio that focuses on artwork, product and material design and development, in early 2013. They met while working at a textile manufacturer, and over the years formed a bond that revolves around their passion for exceptional design.

Kristen is an accomplished designer with 21 years of experience in textile design, management and marketing. She is extremely creative in all aspects of the design process, from graphics to presentation, but what sets her apart from her peers, is that she is truly able to take on anything. She revels in the creative process but is also an astute businesswoman. Over the course of her career, she designed the first sustainable office seating and automotive textiles, and was awarded a patent in her name. This versatility makes her approach to product development particularly unique.

Geraldine graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and worked in high fashion with a few extraordinarily talented designers early on in her career, most notably Albert Elbaz’s team when he first joined Lanvin. For the past 10 years, she chose to pursue a career in commercial textile design and marketing, placing over 200 of her products in the Commercial Interiors market. Her true passion, however, is exploring new cultures. Her travels inspire her curiosity, which in turn inspires her design sensibilities. She constantly finds herself re-inventing her aesthetic and challenging her norm. A perfectionist in every sense of the term, her meticulous approach to the creative process is always perceptive and innovative.

Both Kristen and Geraldine are eternally fascinated by the various technologies that go into material fabrication and how this affects the product development output. Over the years, this has become an inherent part of their design process and is reflected in all of their work. Having both worked for Interface, a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing mentored by the renowned late Ray Anderson, they are true believers in eco-conscious products and business models. As such, partnering with Enviroleather has been an enthusing opportunity to blend innovation with great design and environmental responsibility.