Our PVC-Free Fabric Story

EnviroLeather™ by LDI is the alternative to faux leather vinyl. From the beginning, we were founded with the goal of developing products that are more sustainable, less toxic, and safer - without sacrificing performance for our faux leather vinyl alternative.

Utilizing our industry first, digital print process we offer an extensive collection of PVC-free print patterns to complement a package of solid and textured leather grains in over 100 color choices for our faux leather vinyl alternative fabric.

We do our work in a wide range of commercial environments including Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality and Corporate Spaces. By combining innovative design, outstanding durability and a soft, luxurious feel we have redefined the way the industry views faux leathers.

Our company has a unique understanding of materials and their performance characteristics, as well as the environmental and health safety impacts. No matter how good the story may be about what is or isn't in a product, if it is too expensive or doesn't work - then it is not sustainable.

We view sustainable design as a process of continuous improvement. What we do today should be simply viewed as a step in the right direction. There are very few, if any, perfect solutions. It is important for consumers of materials, such as Interior Designers and Hospital Buyers, to keep asking for better solutions. It is these consumers that are ultimately creating the competition necessary for progress. If you keep buying what you are buying, manufacturers are going to keep selling what they are selling. When you specify PVC-free faux leather, you’re part of the solution.

Children are especially susceptible to the ill-effects of environmental toxins. Their bodies are developing and it is eye opening to realize that their health could be forever impacted by some of the chemicals used in everyday products that we, as parents, may unknowingly buy for them. EnviroLeather™ has become a successful leader in the transformation of commercial markets by putting more emphasis on health safety and sustainability while encouraging people to talk about safer alternatives.

Here are some of the ways we make our faux leather vinyl alternative products more eco-friendly and sustainable*:

  • Passing indoor air quality testing for low VOC emissions
  • Not using PVC
  • Not using plasticizers
  • Not using flame retardants
  • Avoiding added antimicrobial biocides
  • Incorporating recycled content into our products
  • Using as many renewable resources as we can
  • Creating products that are durable so that they don't have to be replaced frequently
  • Providing low cost of ownership

We develop and control the formulations to our products. The urethane based TPE construction is exclusive to us and we continue to invest heavily in Product Development and Quality Control. Each production lot is put through rigorous testing to ensure suitability for heavy-duty commercial use*.

*For more information on why these issues are important view our Sustainable Technology and Ultimate Performance pages.

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